AutomaTik Features

Main features...

Modern Interface

AutomaTik is built upon a modern familiar and easy to use interface.

Cloud Solution

AutomaTik runs on cloud. It is scalable and secure. You do not need to install an agent or run any other software in your network.


AutomaTik monitors your MikroTik devices and sends notifications through multiple configurable channels.


Automatik will backup your MikroTik device and securely store both .backup and .rsc backup files. Optionally, if you want you can encrypt your backups files.

Configuration Validation

AutomaTik will validate your MikroTik configuration and alert you about possible problems.


You can update RouterOS on your devices, or you can schedule updates. All updates will run in parallel and this will save you a lot of time.

User Management

You can manage MikroTik users on AutomaTik. You can add / delete users on all of your devices with a few clicks.

Mass Push Config

You can push any valid configuration to all of your devices in parallel.


AutomaTik checks MikroTik devices for security vulnerabilities. Optionally, you can configure security scans periodically

Parallel Tasks

All tasks for your devices will run in parallel. AutomaTik scales automatically when more parallel tasks are needed.


AutomaTik lets you create organizations to group your devices. It is possible to manage access to MikroTik devices using Organizations


An idempotent operation is one that has no additional effect if it is called more than once with the same input parameters.

Upcoming features...


Automated wireless configuration for better wireless performance.


Manage your hotspot configuration.

Firewall Management

RouterOS Firewall is very complex. AutomaTik lets you secure your router with a few clicks.

802.1x Support

RouterOS supports 802.1x for wired and wireless interfaces. AutomaTik will help you configure 802.1x...

VPN server

RouterOS supports a lot of VPN options like IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, PPTP. AutomaTik will handle VPN configuration for you.

QoS Management

RouterOS has very advanced QoS capabilities. Just create your QoS rules easily on AutomaTik and it will take care of QoS on RouterOS